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How Do I Set Up an Email Campaign?

With just a few clicks of a button, you can get your email campaigns up and running! 

We have a great video you can watch fist and then follow the steps below:

From your account page click on the "Campaigns" tab at the top of your Homepage:

Next, choose "Create New" and start with your template! You can start your message from a scratch or choose one of our template sequences:

Then select your products on Step #2, by moving the slider button to the right, which will turn the background of the slider blue. Please note that you will only see the active products in your account that haven't been selected or added to any other campaign: 

Now on to the fun stuff! On Step #3 you can edit the campaign.

The new layout has a tree-like structure where you can choose the triggers for your messages. If you want to add a new trigger, just click on the plus sign option seen below:

After clicking the plus sign, you will then see the trigger options for the next email in the campaign: Purchased, Delivered, Shipped or Refunded:

You can then Add Steps, such as the number of days after the trigger you want to wait before the next email is sent:

Then you can add your Email and adjust it as needed:

Here you can name the template, pause or activate the message, add the subject of the email, add any images or tags you may want to add, etc.:

  • You can also send a Test email, Preview the message, Save changes and Add attachments at the bottom:  

Make sure you click on Save once you are ready and you will be up and running!  If you have any questions or are stuck in the process somewhere do not hesitate to reach out to us at  

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