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When Do My Emails Send From An Email Campaign?

During the email campaign setup process, you can choose when your emails will be sent out. This gives you complete flexibility when you start your campaigns and you can tailor them in whatever way you wish!

You can choose the number of days after one of these trigger points:   Confirmed, Shipped or Delivered: 

For each message that goes out for your email campaign, you'll choose the trigger and the number of days after the trigger the email will go out. So let's look at an example:

Let's say you have an email campaign set up for a yoga mat, and you have 3 messages ready for the campaign:  

  • "Thanks for the order"
  • "First review request"
  • "Second review reminder"

For each message you have to choose the trigger and how many days after the trigger that the email will be sent out. This is how you could format your campaign's triggers:

  • "Thanks for the order": ASAP, after the order has been "confirmed"
  • "First review request": 4 days after the order has been "shipped" (this gives the customer time to receive the product, assuming you are shipping FBA; if you are merchant fulfilled, it's a good idea to wait even longer to send out the First Review Request email)
  • "Second review reminder": 5 days after "delivery". Waiting for several days before sending this last email gives your customer time to test out your product.  

You should be all set, but if you run into any issues or have further questions about this process, just let us know at

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