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The images on my Promotion/Email Campaign are outdated, how can I update them?

Still seeing old images on Jump Send, even though you updated them on your Amazon listing? No problem!

Even though the system will automatically add any new products from your store every 24 hours, if you update the listing's images then you will need to refresh the product information from within your Jump Send Products page manually.

To update the info from within your account, you just need to follow these steps:

  • First, please  log in  to your Jump Send account
  • Next, go to your Products page and hover over the product you want to refresh
  • When you see the Refresh option, click on the image and the request will be sent

Once this is up to date you can also choose the image that will show on the existing promotion from any additional images on the listing. To do this go to the Promotion itself and on Step #2 you can click to choose a photo from the thumbnails below the title as seen here:

Remember...any all products should update every 24 hours in case you have any new ASINs! If they are not showing then, just let us know at

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