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What are the Auto-fill tags on the Email Campaign?

Auto-Fill tags are great for personalizing your emails! 

You can add product images, order and contact information links and much more! 

To explore this option, and what it can do for you, please log in to your Jump Send account and click on 'Campaigns'. Once there, click on one of your Email Campaign templates and look for the '{{ }}' icon at the top of the template:

Once you click that link, a pop-up menu will appear that looks like this: 
*Please note the Shipping tags can only be used for products that are FBA! 

And just to let you know...there is no need to worry about any generic names you see on the Preview emails! Anything you add to the templates as a tag and that shows up between curly brackets  {{ }}, indicates a code that will be linked to the order information when the actual email is sent out. 

Though you will see product names like  "Amazing-product" on the Test or Preview emails, this is because there are no actual orders linked to the test or previews. We just want to show you the layout, and how the email will look when it does go out.

But, when the live follow-up email goes out, Jump Send will take auto-fill information directly from your listing and populate it in your email. :)

If you have any questions about this, please let us know at

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