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What Is Bump? Or how can I get my deal back to the top of the Deals page?

Bump is awesome! 

This is a feature that will allow you to move your product up on the deals page. It is called "Bump" and it will bump your product to the top of the "Deals" page for all to see.  

There are a few parameters though , or else everyone would be bumping their product all day long! They are as follows:

  • The deal must be active (has unclaimed coupon codes and are within the promotion's start and end date range)
  • Last bumped date was more than 2 days ago
  • Product has less than 25 requests

Does your product fit these criteria?  Then you will see a "Bump" icon on your " Products" page like this:

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of Adult products, you have to either select 'all categories' to see it... Or select Adult Products only and it will be at the top: 

Now just click away! If you have any problems or questions, just let send us an email to and we will be happy to help. 

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